Ok, before we talk about Blizzard and the Diablo fiasco… IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA, PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW!  Mid-term elections are Tuesday, November 6th and if you don’t vote you are a part of the problem.

As much as I love George Carlin, this is one of the things he got wrong.  The only thing that happens by sitting at home on election day is your loss of ability to take part in shaping your country’s future.

Don’t be lame, go vote on Tuesday.  If you aren’t old enough to vote yet, make sure to register when you’re old enough.

It’s important; don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t, or that your vote doesn’t matter.

Annnnnyywaayyyyyyyyyy, Blizzard is silly.  If they want to make a cash grab Diablo skinned mobile game, sure, go for it…

…but don’t let it be one of your “big” announcements at your expo event and then say that there is no new PC Diablo in the works to a crowd of PC players.  There is no way in hell they though this was going to go well, how could it possibly?

They should have just focused on the Overwatch World Cup, mention the the Diablo Mobile game as a footnote, and go about their business.

Absolute silliness.