This weekend has been pretty weird. I’ve been sick for the last handful of days and have been a sniffly, snuffly, sinus-congestion-y mess of a carbon based organism. If one nostril is mercifully free, the other one is a plugged nightmare. If both nostrils are plugged that unlocks the “my eyes can’t stop watering” final boss. I’ve gone through all the tissues in the universe and have been popping sudafed like my life depended on it.

I’ve also had some tea to feel better but in my clumsiness I knocked the mug over and got tea all over my keyboard… which now randomly spams multiple keypresses depending on which key I press, so I then had to make the trip out to Microcenter to get a new keyboard.

My wonderful girlfriend Victoria sensed that I probably was a combination of too sick and frustrated to make a strip after all this and sent me the image above. Victoria saves the day!