Ok let’s talk about the most bizarre subway train car I’ve ever been it.

There was this super loud dude calling himself “The Jolly Cat” and he is just the absolute worst.  Wearing a bunny hood and a loudspeaker, this dude was amping himself up to ridiculous volume levels shouting is instagram handle and some bizarre creepy songs.  Dude was so loud that a guy on the other end of the train just started playing music through a loudspeaker in what I assume was an attempt to drown The Jolly Cat out.

The Jolly Cat was unphased and continued on, repeating some of the same jokes and songs to nobody’s delight.

There was also this family on the train with two kids rocking stoner dreads that I don’t think have ever been near a shower.

There was also also this couple in some pretty heavy goth regalia that featured Maleficent horns and a huge axe.

Pound for pound, it was the strangest train ride ever…

…and that was before The Jolly Cat started talking about Jesus.