I would occasionally watch shows, but until my commute got longer last year there wasn’t all that much that I’d make time to see.

The train is the perfect place to watch shows without feeling guilty for not doing other things during precious awake time.  A quick rundown of recent stuff I’ve seen this year:

Yuri on Ice – This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve watched it and it’s just as much fun.  It’s a short little 12 episode ice skating romp about a figure skater finding his groove both on and off the ice.  Check it out!

Little Witch Academia – I kept on seeing the title card on Netflix but always ignored it.  Totally glad I finally came around, cute animation with endearing characters and a fun story for young audiences.  Felt like a mix of Harry Potter, My Little Pony, X-Men, and Heathers.

My Little Pony Season 8 – Haven’t really kept up with the show but I heard that Season 9 will be the final season so I wanted to get up to speed.  Full disclosure, many of the episodes didn’t do it for me.  Also felt that there was a general lack of musical numbers (although “A Kirin Tale” was absolutely excellent).

Aggretsuko – Almost “Newgroundy-s flash animation” cartoon on Netflix about a red panda working her way through office life by singing death metal after clocking out.  Very fun and sometimes a little alarmingly real despite the cutesy presentation.

Made in Abyss – Rich suggested this to me and there’s a high chance that it’ll end up as the best thing I’ll see this year.  Absolutely gorgeous animation with a really engaging concept.  An island town has a giant chasm in the middle where adventurers find both valuable ancient relics and terrifying monsters.  How deep does it go?  No one knows; the further down you go, the more you succumb to the curse of the abyss… attempting to resurface takes an increasingly terrible toll on your body.  Go deep enough and resurfacing can become a fatal endeavor.  Absolute must see, but can be a bit of a hard watch.