Ok, I’m back from Wales!  I spent some time at Gladstone’s Library over in the UK for a bit of work this week and had a great time… other than the fact that I’m a super sleepy dude who jet lag affects immensely.  Thank you to Victoria for providing the Monday update image as I was too wiped out from packing to muster up a strip.

The schedule for this week will be this comic (Saturday) and then things get back to normal with a Thursday update.

To give you a look at how traveling to the UK was, here’s a breakdown of my schedule on Monday through Tuesday:

  • Monday 4am (EST): Wake up, finish packing, search Netflix downloads to get stuff on my phone to watch.
  • Monday 11am (EST): Uber to JFK Airport
  • Monday 12pm (EST): Arrive at JFK Airport, learn that the airline I was taking didn’t even open its check-in until 6pm (woooooo).
  • Monday 12pm – 6:30pm (EST): Turns out the guy on the phone was a bit off and they didn’t open for an extra half hour.  I stand around for SIX AND A HALF HOURS.
  • Monday 6:30pm – 7:30pm (EST): Check-in and security check
  • Monday 7:30pm – 9:30pm (EST)
    • Waiting at gate
    • Waiting on line to board the plane
    • lol that line actually just led downstairs to another line
    • lol that line was not to get on the plane, but to get on a bus to take us to the plane
    • scan my boarding pass, machine lights up red and beeps
    • gate agent doesn’t know why
    • stand around and wait for a different agent
    • learn that it was red cause i was in an emergency seat and they have to confirm that I’m ok with that
    • I am
    • I get on the bus
    • I get off the bus
    • I get on the plane
  • Monday 10pm – Tuesday 8am (EST) 1pm (UK): Flight to Manchester
  • Tuesday 2pm (UK): Arrive at Gladstone’s Library
  • Tuesday 2pm – 8pm (UK)
    • learn there are no elevators and I’m staying on the 3rd floor
    • make 4 trips carrying 100+ pounds of camera equipment
    • take a shower
    • lunch meet with hosts
    • scout interview shot locations
    • take pictures around the library
    • dinner
    • plan for tomorrows shooting, review test footage
  • Tuesday 8pm – 11pm (UK): prep equipment, meet coworker and one host at a bar
  • Tuesday 11pm (UK): Finally go to sleep for the first time since 4am Monday morning

I can’t fall asleep on airplanes, so I had been awake for 38 straight hours.  I am still trying to get my body clock back on track, oooooph.