So apparently this issue is not unique and a lot of folks have had this happen after the update.  There also doesn’t seem to be a fix at this time so I’ll have to deal with it.  Comic schedule will be Saturday, Wednesday, then back to the normal Monday/Thursday afterwards!


So Windows Update has been all up in my jazz recently and I finally gave in and ran the update.

This was not a wonderful idea.  Suddenly, my Cintiq is no longer accepting the previous color calibration settings that I had given it.  Also, it no longer saves new calibration settings.  Also also, it doesn’t even apply the settings as I am actively moving the calibration sliders.

This is a bummer and I eventually just got frustrated and played video games.  Soooooo… I guess my current goal is to figure out how to reapply my color settings…

Also the update made Madden run worse.

Come on Windows Update, stop being uggg.