I get exclusives when they’re actually exclusive to a platform, especially when it’s a first party platform game say like Madden on Origin.

Time based exclusivity on the other hand… that just feels dumb.  Let Borderlands 3 come out on Steam on day one, this is ridiculous.

Also also, Rich and I started a BL3 run on his PS4 and tell me if we’re just getting some early game “still feeling things out” nonsense, but BL3 feels really… sloppy?  Like, the first Borderlands had a ho hum story and all, but the controls and gunplay were super tight and fun to play.  In the first two hours or so of BL3 I feel like I’m wearing roller blades on a tilt-a-whirl made out of ice covered in Crisco.   Maybe it’ll feel better on PC (if I can figure out how to stop all my 2K FPS games from spinning) so… hey let’s release it on Steam!

For anyone wanting an update on the baby kicking situation from last week, the police haven’t contacted me back, but I did send them the video of the woman admitting to kicking the stroller.  So… yeah!