Ok, so like one of the nice perks of watching Overwatch League in seasons one and two was the ability to get tokens that can be used to by in-game skins.  For season three they moved away from Twitch and onto YouTube, but the ability to grant tokens for watching wasn’t possible apparently.  While the VoDs on YouTube are certainly better than Twitch’s, the loss of tokens was kind of annoying; it was fun collecting the NYXL skins and the special released skins/emotes as they came out.

Tokens are back!

…but you have to watch through the OWL website or on the app to get them, watching directly on YouTube doesn’t work apparently.  Soooooo like, the major platform you switched to doesn’t have the same level of functionality of the platform you left… kind of weird.

On the most side note of side notes, I’ve been watching this channel called TwoSetViolin which has been really cute.  It’s two violinists criticizing (in good fun) violin stuff and while I have never played the violin, it’s pretty fun to see.  Check them out!