Mismanaged my time on Sunday, so no strip, my apologies…

…but I do have a story for you.

So I was sitting in bed late afternoon on Sunday, basically being a blob in the NYC heat, when I heard a car swerving wildly.  This sound isn’t super unusual where I live since it sounds similar to a car doing a peel out (which happens a lot here), but every time I hear it I wonder if this’ll be the time I hear a crash.

This was the time.

I grabbed my phone and went to the kitchen window to see two cars in the middle of the road, one having hit a parked pickup truck and one that appeared fine.

I started recording.

A dude got out of each car, the one from the non-crashed car started chasing the other guy.  After recording for a little bit I went downstairs, but when I got there the non-crash guy had left and crash guy was nowhere to be found.  A biker had called the police and said that (assuming crash guy), was chased down and someone beat him up and that an ambulance apparently already came wherever he was run down.  After showing my video to the police I got a thumbs up to leave, so I did after talking to the owner of the pickup truck who requested I send him the video, which I also did.

So… that’s a thing that happened.

Side note, when the dudes started sprinting, the sandals they were both wearing went flying off.  Now, I’ve never taken part in a barefoot footrace on asphalt/sidewalk during a hot summer day in Brooklyn, but I can’t image that was pleasant for either of them.