Ok, let’s talk about Adam Gase.

Definitely not Radiant Historia, def not that.

So the Jets new coach is Adam Gase, who was recently canned by the Dolphins.  Naturally Jets fans are apoplectic and declaring that the world is ending and that Gase is the worse possible hire we could have made.

That is silly.

Sure Gase was under .500 in Miami, but so was Bill Belichick in his first head coaching job for the Browns.  Let’s all take a step back off the ledge and realize that we got someone with qualities we all said we wanted; experience (particularly NFL head coaching experience) and offensive minded.

Folks who wanted Kingsbury were clamoring for an under .500 college coach.

Folks who wanted Bieniemy were clamoring for an Andy Reid assistant who never even called his own plays.

Folks who wanted Rhule were clamoring for a guy with primarily college experience, his only NFL time was with the Giants in 2012 as an offensive line assistant.

Folks who wanted McCarthy… I’ll give you that as I was leaning his way too.  Won a Superbowl, helped develop Rodgers… I get it.  On the other hand he only won one Superbowl with perhaps the most gifted quarterback of all time.

Monken would have been interesting too, but again he’s also someone that lacks NFL head coaching experience.

Gase can take what he learned with his first gig and apply it to the Jets.  He brings his ability to get the most from his QBs.  He hasn’t won anything yet but that doesn’t scare me; dude’s hungry.

Gase will want to prove folks wrong and I’m excited to see what he can do with Darnold.

In the event that you don’t care about the New York Jets, just pretend I wrote “sportsball” a bunch of times.  That said, football is really fun to watch and a super interesting game in itself, give it a shot!