All during college, a friend of mine had asked me to draw weird pictures for her, including but not limited to: an Egyptian Hippo Goddess,,, and I’ll just stop there, cause things apparently get weird, and according to my friend, I shouldn’t give anything away.asdf

In honor of my friend, Kat, my new sketchpad section of the site will be hereby known as Kat’s Korner. Yes, “korner” will be spelt with a “k.” No, the k will not be reversed.

Anywho. Two summers ago Kat asked me to draw her a pirate sheep. After getting over my initial assumption that she said “pirate ship” I got to work. Normally, I’d just pencil this sort of thing, but I was working at a summer camp and I wanted to try my hand at painting. As you can tell, I can’t paint all that well, but I had a lot of fun throwing this together, and affectionately named my pirate sheep “Ba Ba Black Beard.”

He is the most feared pirate of the seven seas. It’s true, look it up somewhere.