Q. How often does Corpse Run update?

A. Corpse Run updates Mondays and Thursdays.

Q. How do you draw the comic?

A. The entire process is done on the computer (hooray for not wasting paper). The strip is sketched, inked, colored, etc. in Photoshop CS4 using a Wacom Cintiq. I prefer to get everything done in one sitting, normally within 2-5 hours. Certain days, however, the process will be drawn out longer, due to more panels, or general laziness.

General laziness includes, but is not limited to: “Well, just finished the sketch…I’ll take a shower to relax.” “Wow, I finished the inking really fast, Ill eat something as a reward!” “Man, that was a tasty reward snack…I’ll take another shower before I get back to work.” “Ink, color, and text are done! I’m gonna watch a movie before I make the speech bubbles!” “What? It’s 4a.m.?”

Q. When did you start drawing?

A. I’d argue that I’ve never “drawn” anything before. I’m not good enough of an artist to draw things. What I do is doodle.

Q. Can I post your comic elsewhere?

A. Why, you sure can! Just make sure that you don’t remove my site link and name and you’re square. Extra points if it links back here!

Q.  What is Kat’s Korner?

A.  Kat’s Korner is more or less my sketchbook, named after my friend Kat, who would often have me draw things for her in college!  Kat’s Korner updates on non-comic weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Q. Why do the Kat’s Korner post dates not match up with the actual update date?

A.  Since Kat’s Korner shares the comic’s timeline, if I set the KK dates to their actual update dates, they would be on the landing page on non-comic days.  I artificially backdate them to keep the site more organized.

Q. Why are you the most terrible comic strip artist in the world?

A. Because I’ve honed my suckiness to an astounding level of precision.