So, I’ve decided to join the mindless ranks of Twitter, where you can now read the most interesting of my 140 or less character thoughts. I’m not sure how one can really be fascinating in just a couple of sentences, but chances are that I’m not really that interesting in the first place.

One thing that interested me, however, occured at work two days ago, where a man attempted to purchase a television. I say attempted simply due to the fact that he never actually accomplished a purchase, his two credit cards were declined. He told me that he would march to his bank immediately to find out the cause of his… insufficent funds. This was at 11pm mind you, so I’m not really sure what bank would have tellers available.

In any case, he returned ten minutes later, proudly holding up a receipt and exclaiming, “I don’t mean you any offense, but you dont know what you’re doing. See this receipt? I just made a purchase at another register.”

I asked to see the receipt, he obliged. His purchase was for two CDs, the total coming to about twenty dollars. I explained that that transaction was approved due to the small amount, and that if he attempted to purchase the TV again, he would be declined.

“Now I don’t mean any offense,” quipped the man again, “but I want to purchase the TV with someone who actually knows how to use a register.” I wished him the best of luck and watched as he went to another register, and subsequently have his card be declined.

I believe that there is a law where the credit card companies must explain how a card works before someone can get approved. What I think needs to happen is for all potential card carriers to pass a test explaining their knowledge in order to get approved.