I’m sure by now you have all heard that the Kinect has had some issues with interference… interfering with gameplay. While playing, if someone walks into the Kinect’s field of vision (which just might happen in, say, the average living room), the Kinect has either put that person in as a second player, or taken that passerby’s actions and implementing them into the game. The problem is often so great that the interference actually renders the games unplayable. Interference, by the way, seems to be caused by anything; in one such case, the offending object was an arm on a tripod.

Naturally, this should be very concerning to Microsoft. However, instead of addressing the issue, their solution so far for all Kinect demos has been to put players in concealed locations, such as makeshift empty rooms, to ensure that nothing will interfere with the games.

While that might fly for convention demos, I fear that once Kinect hits the market there might be issues with interference in everyday living spaces.

God speed, Kinect. You’re going to need all the help you can get.