Woah woah woah! Slow down!

So it seems like today’s comic is being taken the wrong way by some people. Like I said earlier, I have no issue with the particular commenter. I was not offended, I did not take it personally, and as a matter of fact, I chuckled to myself and moved on with my life.

This comic is a comic. That is to say a joke. Not an indictment of that guy’s character.

So… relax you crazy people!

September 6, 2010:

I want to start out by saying that I have absolutely no beef with TheMeatball…

Sorry, I had to say that pun, I apologize. Again, I have no issue with that particular Reddit user, and wish him absolutely no ill will. However, it’s one thing to say I’m lame, but comparing me to Epic Movie… grrrrrrr. Criticism happens, whatever. I just wanted to see how Alex and Dan would react to some negative feedback. May he live long and all that.

Just, you know, with out the muffins.

Which were awesome.

And on the topic of awesome, I really do want to give a big thanks to Reddit, which garnered me a bunch of traffic last Thursday. I’m just starting out with this comic thing, and big traffic days are incredible for me. So keep on being sweet, Reddit!

One more shoutout, which I guess I will refer to as Muffins of the Week, goes to one Corpse Runner who sent me my first fan letter. I will not give a name in the interest of privacy, but you know who you are. As much as I don’t care about negative commentary, I really really dig positive notes, and you gave me a real big boost that night.

So congrats! You win a Muffin of the Week award!

See yous.