Now, I’m not really sure how most of you guys react to losing, but I must say that I don’t take too well to it, especially when it comes to video games and football. For the longest time, I’d terrorize my roommates by tossing remotes, controllers… anything that happened to be within arms reach of me.

It was after one particularly bad Jets loss last season where I knew I had to turn it around. Despite the Jets having the lead with minutes to go, Miami scored a last minute touchdown, sealing a Dolphins victory. I immediately lunged forward, grabbed a drawer and ripped it out of the bureau, sending its contents flying all over the room. While normally I wouldn’t care about putting on such a display, that particular night we had a friend visiting for the first time.

From then on, I was told she thought I was the scariest person in the world, which is hilarious because outside of competitive events, I’m the least threatening thing in the history of unthreatening things.

And I’m super puny.

Since then, I’ve forced myself not to go nuts over things that transpire on my television screen. No thrown remotes. However, for the rest of you angry angry people out there, a box of decoy remotes might be just what you need when your team is sucking.