So two days ago, Cripsy Gamer asked me to do a review of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Naturally, I was all “hell yeah” as I was hearing a lot of good things about the game. After quickly running through it in all good conscience I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed with the game.

From all the hype that I caught, Amnesia was super scary and was really unsettling to play. While my initial impression of the game lined up with that field of though, things changed pretty quickly.

Amnesia is no different from any other horror game on the market, and essentailly steals concepts directly from other games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there was already a game that featured hallucinations governed by a sanity meter. This game was Eternal Darkness, and it was awesome. I have no issue seeing this mechanic in another game, but fuck, if you’re gonna borrow something, at least try to, I dunno,improve on it. Every hallucinogenic episode in Amnesia seems taken from Eternal Darkness, right down to the bugs crawling across the screen.

You know what else sucks? Hiding for long periods of time. It’s one thing to be stealthy and tread carefully, that I can deal with. Running and sitting in a dark corner for 2 minutes only to venture out and see a monster still waiting for me, forcing me to hide and wait again? Fuck you. It seems like Amnesia doesn’t want me to play, it just wants me to sit and twiddle my thumbs.

I think I will do one better. I think I’m gonna play StarFox 64. I suggest you do the same.