I’m not going to say that my tie has ever scraped the urine-encrusted rim of my workplace’s public crapper, but I’ve had enough close encounters to make me fearful about using the facilities. Hygiene… is important.

Watched the first ten episodes out Outsourced last week, and I’ve gotta say I love it. Episode one was a little too heavy handed with the “I’m and American in India… har-dee-har-har” jokes, but since then the show has really picked up. I’m told the show is similiar to The Office, and while I personally can’t confirm this (never seen it), I’m going to assume that if you like The Office, Outsourced might be a good show for you to pick up.

Additionally, I’ve decided to fill in the blanks of my childhood by watching Disney movies that I never saw growing up, this week taking in Hercules, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Tarzan. Quaility wise I rank them in that same order, but Emperor deserves a bit of celebration in my opinion; unlike other Disney films, there are no musical numbers, yet the story still flows and is a total riot. If anyone wants me to watch one of their Disney favorites, drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll make it so.

Disney is the shit, yo.