I think that any of my old girlfriends will be able to tell you how socially inept I am. From never having the right thing to say to getting my nose sliced open (and bleeding all over her bed/floor) mere minutes after asking a girl out, not only do I find ways to screw relationships up, but I inexplicably craft tailor made social disasters. Blech.

On any normal weekend, I generally rely on football to maintain some sense of sanity/happiness. Besed on the fact that I’m a Jets fan, however, maybe I shouldn’t. Yesterday was so terrible that one of our assistant coaches stuck out his knee to trip up an opposing player who had been pushed out of bounds… classy.

But enough of the green and white object of my misguided affection, and on to you! I went through the suggestions for good Disney stuff to watch, and for the most part followed through. Many of the films I had already seen, but of the new movies I digested, Treasure Planet was definitely my favorite. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it!