About halfway through making this strip, I received a phone call from a friend who needed a place to stay for the weekend. I naturally said it would be no problem, but as I did, I made mental notes to clean up the room, clear off the couch… things that any normal person would do in order to appear presentable.

Then I looked at my computer screen.

There is an age-old discussion about whether or not crazy people know they are crazy or are blissfully unaware that their daily activities are not merely unpleasant, but an affront to all of mankind. I was glad I was able to at least consider this about my sanity, which might in fact be slipping below adequate clinical levels.

I feel that it’s perfectly normal for Professor Layton to beat the crap out of the Grinch with a wrench. I mean, the bastard stole Christmas. Don’t give me that crap that he redeemed himself in the end, either. When the Grinch brought Christmas back the greedy asshole allowed his heart to swell THREE SIZES LARGER. Three sizes. Not one or two, but three. There are a lot of people out there with heart conditions that could have used some of that extra heart, Mr. Grinch.

Even in charity, the man is a hoarder. What a douche.