Like most of the strips I carelessly toss on the internet, this one is grounded in real experiences from my life. Namely, this past Monday.

I happen to live in Queens, NY. For anyone outside the US (or people who don’t have televisions) there was a small blizzard that blew through the city, dumping a few feet of snow on the ground and generally making the entire state go into a panic. As the snow accumulated Sunday night, I constantly checked my email to see if work was canceled for the next day.

It was not.

I went to bed that morning, sugarplums dancing through my head (not much else does anymore), wondering if my train would even be running come morning.

It was.

My alarm sounded at 4am, and I dutifully got out of bed, showered, dressed, and opened the front door to find…

Nothing was shoveled. Infront of me stood snow waist deep. Snow, unlike water, is opaque. Stairs… could not be seen. I attempted to navigate my way down them, but the result is more or less the comic that you see above.

After my tumble down the stairs, I seriously considered calling into work to say I couldn’t come. I mean, I had just fallen down stairs, and nothing in Queens was even remotely plowed anyway, forcing me to wade (read: walking as if you pooed yourself) through ten blocks through wind and show and shit.

But I sucked it up and ventured forth, because I… am stupid.