There are a lot of people out there, both critics and fans alike, that are currently gaga over Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a title by Frictional Games released earlier this year. The masses went wild for its atmosphere, regarding it as quite possibly the scariest game of all time.

Earlier this year, I was assigned by to write a review of the game, and, for the first few hours I tended to agree with everyone else: I was scared shitless. Unfortunately, Amnesia’s atmosphere (and fun) completely wared away as its tired and unoriginal gameplay mechanics caused my eyes to roll until nausea set it.

Currently, the game enjoys word of mouth advertising amongst the denizens of the web, each person telling their totally unique tale of how they were a pussy and turned the game off. For so many people to come out and boast about their own lack of balls is a testament to how potent Amnesia’s formula was. However, I’m of the opinion that each new voice singing Amnesia’s praises are just posturing.

Many of these people are admitting they haven’t even played the entire game, for fuck’s sake.

For my full thoughts on Amnesia: The Dark Descent, check out my review here.

One game I wanted to include in this list (for an actual positive award) but did not is Aquaria, an indie game by Bit Blot. It was a part of the first Humble Indie Bundle, and despite the fact that it wasn’t released this year, it was my favorite game that I had played in 2010. If you like SoTN style Castlevanias, then you will absolutely love this little game. Check it out immediately.