The above comic is one of the many things that cross my mind when there are no customers at work.

Apparently, the MTA read what I said about them last week and decided to screw me over a little bit more. I was taking the train home from work late Saturday night when suddenly, on a set of tracks suspended 100 feet in the air, the train suddenly came to a screeching halt.

A minute later the conductor came over the PA announcing that there were “unauthorized people” running around on the tracks, and that we would be moving after an investigation of the situation was completed. I heard this message about five more times over the next half hour as the train remained stuck, just one stop away from mine.

Once we finally began to move, I was treated to another awesome message over the PA: “Due to the long delay, this train will no longer be making stops at [where I get off at], sorry for the inconvenience, and have a nice day.”


Finally, have a great Valentine’s Day. Or, if you aren’t going to be celebrate it, have a great Singles Awareness Day.

Either or.