Weird genesis for today’s strip. Last week, Katie of Awkward Zombie produced this comic, which got me thinking about fires. Not in an arsonist kind of way, but in a firefighty manner. I was on youtube listening to game tunes when suddenly the Song of Storms came up: concept born!

Finally, my insomniac self was lying in bed, unsuccessfully attempting to sleep, when WHAM! I sit up and think, “What if Link uses the Song of Storms to rain on Ganondorf’s parade!!?? lawl lawl lawl.”

And that, my friends, is hows these strips are born.

Why no, I don’t take any medication.

I’ve had a cold sine Monday, and had the day off of work on Wednesday, so I figured instead of worrying about real life like I normally do, I’d forget my troubles and play FFX. Yeah, I lampooned it a few strips ago, so what? IT’S A FUN GAME, YA? I proceeded to play for about 13 straight hours before I finally decided to call it quits.

Before going to sleep, however, I saw that Chelsea from Player 2 put up a forum on her site, and made me painfully aware about the lack of a forum here. I don’t know if I have enough readers to warrant putting up a forum, so lemme know if I should, alright? I’m counting on you!