First off, no, I’m not for violence against women. I’m against it. I’m pretty sure that that goes without saying, but America is full of nutters.

Something that I am also against is censorship, whether it’s the right to free speech or the right for some game studio to make a mini-game where Duke Nukem apparently slaps the asses of women when they start to get bitchy. Some otherwise sane woman named Shelby Knox has taken it upon herself to do the upcoming, oft-delayed Duke Nukem Forever some damage in the media, but her efforts will most likely result in the Barbara Streisand effect.

While it’s always important for people to stand up for their rights, it seems a little silly to have the focus of your political agenda revolve around the shutting down of a video game that will most likely be a massive disappointment. At least when the media went after Mass Effect for its 2 seconds of bare ass the game was both a critical and financial success. And really, attacking Duke Nukem for being misogynistic? You think he of all people would really give a rat’s ass? He’s Duke fucking Nukem.

I dunno, try going after someone who might care a little.

And now for something completely different. I know the web masses are always an inch away from grabbing their torches and pitchforks when it comes to stores like Gamestop, but I often find the people they staff to be really likeable and friendly. I picked up a copy of Pokemon White the other day and the moment I arrived at the register, the clerk asked if the game was for someone else or myself. I said myself, and he immediately gave me a fist pound and started up a conversation. We talked for a few minutes and had a great time.

A few years back I was looking for a DDR dance pad that I could rip apart and use for a digital art project, and found that the cheapest one I could find was a High School Musical 3 game set. I went to the Gamestop, picked out the box, and the gentleman at the counter immediately launched into a story about how he purchased it for his cousin the week earlier, and got weird looks the whole way home. It seems like every time I’m in one of their stores, I have a good experience. However, it’s a people thing, not a Gamestop thing. I’m sure the company couldn’t care any less when it came to their employees. Here’s hoping that everyone there gets a raise!