I mentioned on Monday that I picked up Pokemon White, and I’ve got to say that I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a game. Some of the new pokemon suck, sure, but outside of some lame names (Patrat WTF) the game itself is totally solid.

This past week featured some fun commentary on the strip, even garnering some positive feedback from The Meatball! Said meatball added that we here at Corpse Run hate him, but honestly, that’s far from the truth. All things considered, I’m pretty new to the comic strip dealie, so I like to post my comics around le internet to find out what people think of the strip, positive and negative.

Finding out that I was able to get a laugh out of someone who wasn’t a fan months ago lets me know that I’m (more or less) moving in the right direction. So lemme know how much I suck so I can try to not suck!

In the real life department, I don’t like baseball. I find the sport to be a little too slow moving and played by athletes who are often over pampered and rarely over worked. We are talking about a sport that cancels games over rain. In football, unless lightning is striking the field (or if major snowstorm would keep fans from getting home safely) the game goes on.

Even so, Rich Rodriguez of Crispy Gamer invited me out to a ball game today, and I was pretty excited; I hadn’t seen a pro baseball game since I was about five years old.

Well, it drizzled. When I say drizzled, I mean there was more of a humid mist. The Yankees (those pampered assholes) decided that it was too much of a risk to let their millionaire professional athletes get their hats wet and cancelled the game, confirming all the negative things I thought about the sport.

To make up for the lack of entertainment, I picked up a 4L bottle of wine and played a lot of Pokemon. All in all I guess things evened out, but hey, seeing the game would have been a unique experience.

Damn Yankees.