Well… at least it’s better than American healthcare BA-ZING! amirite?

Seriously though, the doctors are there to heal my pokemon, not kick them when they are down. These guys need to go back to pokemon med school.

Spent part of the day Sunday at the Castle Point Anime convention, where I immediately learned how to stick out by dressing normally. Costumes ranged from a giant, fully furred Sonic costume to a Team Rocket complete with Meowth and chained up Pikachu, and it seemed like everyone in attendance was having a good time, which rocks! I had the privilege of meeting Chelsea from Player 2 and watching Awkward Zombie‘s Katie draw her strip for next week, which was a great learning experience.

I’ve mentioned their strips a few times in my newsposts, so if you somehow haven’t checked out their strips yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

On the negative side, I watched a taped Broadway performance of Jekyll and Hyde in which David Hasselhoff was the lead… why no, it happened to be just as good as you might think. The Hoff is an alright singer, but his Hyde voice was pretty weak.

And he’s The Hoff… just a little hard to take it seriously.