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I feel like anyone who has ever worked at least a day of retail knows this feeling. You think that your shift is finally over, that you can head home and relax/rest your feet/sleep/whatever when a geriatric happens to grab you and demand that you help them or else. I’m not sure what the “or else” is, but I’m sure that it involves smelling of urine to some degree.

What you’re supposed to do in this situation is find someone who is still on the clock and have him assist. This works for a well-tempered customer, but for anyone who has a douchy sense of entitlement, oh no, their time is worth so much more than yours. Sure I could help the customer in fifteen minutes or less, and normally I’d super happy to do so. But when your shift ends a half-hour shy of midnight when the trains run less frequently, even leaving work five minutes past my clockout time can result in transforming a 30 minute commute into an hour and a half commute.

However, like Morgan Freeman once said of Tim Robbins, I look like a stiff breeze would blow me over. To my misfortune, that’s also a good representation of my personality. I’ll always, and I mean always help the customer, condemning myself to a long long journey to my bed.

Once I finally get to my apartment at around 1:15 am I say to myself, “never again.”

I always seem to be wrong about that =/