A lot has happened since Thursday, more than I’m probably going to go over in this post, but anything that doesn’t get touched upon will be mentioned this Thursday.

First order of business: Corpse Run has now gone over 1,000,000 views! Holy crap! In the grand scheme of the internet, this is a drop in the bucket of a drop in a bucket, but I’m totally excited! This couldn’t have happened without your readership, so thanks! Yes, you. You, personally. Thank you.


Second order of business: I would like to thank the combined efforts of one Arno, Armen, two Jackies, a taxi driver, and a McDonald’s manager for their roles in my return to my apartment. I will… not go into detail on that one.

Apparently I’ve done a bit of complaning in my newsposts as of late, but it seems like I’ve had a string of bad luck recently. I came home to New Jersey for Easter last night after work, and… it was an adventure.

My mother picked me up at the train station at 11:30, or would have, had the car not died. That’s right folks, stranded in the middle of the night in Harrison NJ. Awesome. We called AAA and gave them the rundown. They asked where we were, and we gave them the intersection. They’re gonna send us a truck, right?

You didn’t really expect that everything went A-OK did you?

Apparently, AAA didn’t know what street we were on, claiming that it didn’t exist. I’ll repeat that. AAA didn’t know how to find us after we gave them our exact location. This is AAA. Their maps should be up to date. I then said that if they didn’t know the street, they should know where the Harrison train station was.

Apparently not.

The soccer stadium?


We were then told that they would send a truck for us, but if they went to the wrong place and couldn’t find us, they would leave us stranded. Thanks AAA!

We were quoted a 60 minute wait. 60 mins came and went, so we called again. They now said 80 minutes. Fan-fucking-tastic.

During this time, a taxi driver attempted to give us a jump, but it didn’t work. “There’s something wrong with the engine, you’ll probably have to get it towed.” It was now 12:45 am.

We called again at 1:30 am, explaining that the wait had now been two hours since the first call. Whoever I had on the phone that time was a genuinely nice guy who said that our wait was unacceptably long and personally called the repair truck to make sure they were on the way. Kudos to that guy.

The truck eventually came at 1:45am. The man took out jumper cables, and while the taxi lady from before already made a jump attempt, I decided to not mention the fact.

Jump. Revvvvvvvvvvvvv. Car started.

God-damned taxi lady lied to us to get a fare. On easter no less. Jeez.