For added effect, click here and re-read the strip with the music playing!

I’m pretty sure that this event occurs multiple times daily while at work, but for some reason I never really thought about it until two days ago. Sudden urge to fart in mind, but unable to leave the sales floor unattended, I searched for a spot where my… gases could be released undetected. No one knew.

Until now, that is.

Also, I’m not that good at making puzzles, but I’m sure you just figured that out.

So the forum is a few weeks old, and it looks like we have some good discussions about games and such going. Care to join our vocal Corpse Runners? While the forum is enjoying some attention, the Arts & Crafts corner has been left untouched so far. So… SHOW US YOUR ART THERE! I’m sure it’ll be better than anything I can draw, so come around and show us your work!

Speaking of work, today will be filled with a lot of it, doing stuff for the site, crispygamer, and a comission that needs to be done by the end of the month.

But once that’s done…NFL DRAFT BABY! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about football in my newsposts, but today is the draft, that magical time of year where every team can be a winner as they pick the best of the best from the college ranks to join the NFL. It’s seriously like Christmas for me, I can’t wait to see who the Jets are gonna pick.

To be fair however, I will pay gratitude to the Patriots, Steelers, and Packers, all of whom have dedicated fans the reside in the Corpse Run forums.

Finally added a favicon at the suggestion of reader Alex B. I will admit that I totally had to google what a favicon was. Thanks Alex!