First comic from new apartment!  There will be a comic today (Saturday… this strip), a comic Thursday, and then back to the regular Monday/Thursday update schedule afterwards.  Apologies for the missed couple of days, the weather and the car seemed to conspire against me getting stuff over here.  Now, there’s still a ton left in Brooklyn, but I have time to get the rest of it over here so it’s no biggie.  For the moment I have a bed, a desk, and a bunch of other stuff in pieces but that’s all I need to get back into regular operation.

I was telling Victoria that this place feels like a palace to me, I’ve never had so much space in my life before.  It feels… weird.  Also there’s 24 hour front desk service and package reception which is totally amazing.  The ceilings are hiiiiiigh.  Not like, super rich fancy place nice looking high, but more industrial/pipes everywhere high.  Still high though so I’m counting that as a win.