So for the most part, the new apartment is pretty awesome and is coming along as our new furniture (assembly required) arrives.  The one thing that totally sucks…

…my neighbors.

They like, don’t sleep.  Music, yelling, pounding up and down the stairs… grunting.  Not like sex grunting either, there were like four or five people having a party or something, which is bad enough due to Covid, but it was like a dude was pounding weights for show and had to grunt with each rep.

I’ve called into the front desk a bunch of times to report the noise, generally from the hours of midnight to four in the morning, but these guys don’t seem to want to turn the volume down.  The leasing office has told me to document everything so I am, according to them if the noise continues they’ll “get the lawyers involved.”

Neat!  I’ve had like only two full nights of sleep this week.  These dudes blow.