I’m definitely still a fan of Overwatch and will most likely play OW2 when it launches, but it seems increasingly suspect that the dev team’s strategy for balancing the game over the years has basically been to delete variety from the game.  Granted, I’m assuming that with the removal of a tank player for OW2, the tank characters are all going to have major reworks to make them more viable in a single tank role, but the loss of tank synergy is going to be a bummer.  It’ll be weird to never see Rein/Zarya or Winston/D.Va once OW2 hits.

Also, Victoria and I watched the Mulan remake this week…

…it was terrible.  Not as terrible as The Lion King remake since at least Mulan tried to be something different, but if ever a movie misunderstood it’s source material, it’s the live action Mulan.

What a steaming pile it was.