I’m married now, how wild is that?!  I love Victoria super very many lots and it’s really giddy weird to see and feel the ring on my finger and know that it matches hers.  That’s cool and fun and wonderful and I love it and I love her.

A funny note from the wedding:

Victoria and I each had to pick someone to do a reading during the ceremony and I had picked my twin sister, Jackie (not to be confused with old roommate Jackie).  I completely forgot to tell her about the reading, and while we were doing a practice walkthrough of the wedding processional, she walked down the aisle, turned, and took a seat.  The programs were already on the chairs and she read through it, paused, and then her head snapped over to me standing at the altar.  She started silently mouthing something that I couldn’t make out.

“What?” I whispered.

She silently mouthed again and I still couldn’t tell what she was trying to say.

What?” I whispered louder.

“Do you have a copy of what I’m supposed to be reading?” she hissed, “also, when were you planning on telling me I was going to be reading something?”


Fortunately since Victoria is awesome and a good planner she had a copy ready to go.

Yay Victoria!  My hero and ONE TRUE PAIRING!

Also, pic of us cutting the cake!