Victoria and I went down to the beach this week to celebrate our wedding last week.  We’re planning on doing a proper honeymoon in the future, but are waiting until we’re more comfortable with travel travel due to the pandemic.  Here are a few shots from the week!

That last one was from a monster themed mini golf place.  It was super silly and fun!

Regarding today’s comic… the car we put a deposit on back in October finally arrived and we were able to pick it up!  We have a temporary license plate for the moment, but the actual license plate number will be different from the temp one.  Naturally I’m super worried that it’s going to be accidently offensive and I’m going to have to constantly explain that our plate number was randomly granted to us by the state.

Here’s hoping that we get a super boring, unremarkable license plate number.

Here’s a few shots of our super cool new car!

Now, we had previously been driving my mom’s 16 year old Corolla that had no power doors, no power windows, no working clock, streaky windshield wipers, a driver side door that rattled and I had to hold my leg against it to keep it from doing so, a trunk that two out of the three keys couldn’t open, and a passenger side door that basically none of the keys could open without some serious jiggling that made it look like I was trying to break into the car.

Going to this thing feels like upgrading a forgotten Civilization unit through a millennia of technology upgrades all in one turn.

As always however, I get super sentimental about old stuff that I upgrade from, so here’s a few shots of me and the now retired Corolla.  Thanks mom for letting me use it!