I’m sure that everyone and their dog has seen the new goodies from Nintendo and Sony concerning their shiny new toys: The Wii-U and Sony 3D TV. Both devices eliminate screen watching in really creative ways; the Wii-U by giving each player their own personal screen to view from, and Sony’s TV by using 3D glasses to show two separate images on the screen simultaneously. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Now, if I only had it when I was younger…

You might notice, by the by, that Corpse Run has updated. Not crap updated like the past two comic days, but an honest-to-goodness, actual comic update! No, my computer is not fixed. It more or less sprang back to life without any provocation on my part. I suspect gnomes.

While it appears as though my computer functioning, I have the feeling that it could blow at any moment, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next few weeks.

Also, we’ve had some fan-art for the past two weeks in Kat’s Korner! Cool! So far, I’ve got none to show off for Sunday. Not cool! Will you be that cool cat to be featured in… erm… Kat’s Korner this Sunday? WILL YOU?

If yes, direct your lovely doodles to [email protected]