I enjoy watching basketball when it happens to be on. It’s fast paced, requires extraordinary physical conditioning, and is a streaky, exciting game to watch.

And that’s about all I know.

I’m not sure what posting someone up means, but I have a feeling that it has little to do with the United States Postal Service. I’m not aware of the difference between a personal and a technical foul. A “backcourt violation” sounds like an obscene sex act.

So it was with little planning or intelligence that the words I uttered eeked out of my mouth and hung, isolated and exposed, in the air for all to hear. The silence that followed was mercifully broken by some poor fellow getting posted, or slammajamma-ed, or whatever moments later.

So, congrats to the Dallas Mavericks for beating the Miami Heat (they of the “let’s collude to get a bunch of star players” mold) and showing that good can really triumph over evil.

Also, congrats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their musical, The Book of Mormon, winning multiple Tony awards. Who’d of thunk that two guys whose careers started with the gutter humored South Park would go on to win Broadway acclaim.

A note about South Park, by the by. It’s been one of my favorite shows since it debuted on my birthday back in 1997, and what always impressed me was that the show’s humor began to age and mature as I did. Sure, there’s still the potty humor and bad language, but South Park is truly the political and societal satire of the last decade.

I bring this up because the most recent episode, “You’re Getting Old,” ended so suddenly and with such a serious tone that I was really grief stricken. Without giving away any specifics, the culture of South Park, and my view of it, changed in an instant from a show that made me laugh and point out the ridiculousness of our culture to a show that held up a mirror to my own life; providing a guided tour of all the negativity that I’ve experienced, and put forth onto others.

All from a show that got its start making anal probe jokes.