It’s been a little while since I played some Civilization 4, and I’m really pissed I haven’t played more of it. Really fun, tons of different strategies, the ability to rewrite history in the most hilarious of ways… what’s not to like?

Anyways, I found it nuts hilarious that even as my Civ was progressing through the industrial and technological ages, old units like aqueducts and granaries kept showing up in my “recommended” unit section. I’m trying to win a space race, I’m not sure how a colosseum is going to assist, but then again I keep getting the Dan Quayle rating after games.

Even when I win.

Quick note: Are you doing anything this Sunday? Do you live in the New York area? If the answers to those questions were no and yes (respectively), then you should totally head to Brooklyn for the 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt. It’s a day long scavenger hunt, where you will be tracking down random items (and time travelers!).

The event is part of the 7th Heaven 7th Avenue Fair, and there are prizes that can be won!! OMG!! Unfortunately, I wont be attending (family stuff and strip drawing and such), but my roommate (the sometimes mentioned Jackie) will be participating as a time traveling ninja! So if you’re available and nearby, check out the site for info and have an awesome time.

Here’s the facebook link as well.

Before I part with you today, I need…NEED to link a few more Jekyll & Hyde clips. I know, I’ve been on that stuff for months now. One song. For months. Months. Normally, once I get really into a song, it loses appeal for me after a while. Confrontation is no such song.

Here’s a Hebrew version of the song, which, outside of the guy having an awesome voice, acts out the scene full frontal, as opposed to the traditional side switching.

And then here’s a Korean version. The acting is lock step with the original Broadway production, but… pipes baby. Pipes.

Swear to god, this stuff’s like crack. Eventually, I’ll stop posting Jekyll & Hyde clips… I swear…