So… yeah. I can’t really remember how the conversation made it’s way to Link’s piercings, but once my roomie mentioned Link’s earring, I immediately wondered why the Sages gave him one while he was under. For that matter, why force Link into artificial slumber at all? If Hyrule needed to wait seven years for the Hero of Time to show up anyways, couldn’t the Sages have been training him in the meantime?

It sounds to me like they never had good intentions for our hero.

Saw Super 8, by the by. While there were tons of explosions and heavy doses of craziness, I really dug the movie. I can’t remember ever seeing a film that accurately represented children’s vernacular as well as Super 8 did. If you like sci-fi flicks, give it a watch, but if you like movies in general, Super 8 was a real fun ride for me.

One thing to note, however. The theater I went to was an “eat in theater.” The chairs were giant plush EZ-Boys with electric reclining ability, complete with sliding tables on which to eat your prepared to order food. I’ve never really had an experience like that before, but honestly, I could do without. I didn’t order any food, but waiters and waitresses kept walking through the aisles, asking us if we wanted food, drinks, etc. As much as I’d love someone to wait on me every waking second, it was a big distraction during the movie. Additionally, there was a light at my mini-table that could not be turned off. What. The. Expletive.

Why would I want a light in my face while I’m trying to watch a movie? I for the life of me can’t fathom why there was not option to turn it off. Fortunately, I covered it with my napkin, which more or less got the job done.

Still annoying, though.

Ugggg. I need to wake up at 4am tomorrow, and it’s almost 11pm right now. I still have to finish this upload, finish the crispy upload, make lunch for tomorrow… I can’t wait to see how noticeable the bags under my eyes will be. Toodles.