Bruh, between my Samsung 980 NVME SSD dying the other week and now my S10e going kablooie this weekend, I’m getting a little annoyed with Samsung products.

In fairness, my phone was over four years old, but… uggg.

So the screen on my S10e died.  The phone is still working, but the store couldn’t access it to set up my transfer of contacts so at the moment the only contact in my phone is my wife.  I’ve been trying to fudge getting into my busted phone to get it hooked up to my computer, but the going’s been tough.  I think I have a 7 inch touchscreen monitor in the closet that I might be able to use to get back into it.  We’ll see.

Anyway, downloading apps again and redoing settings is not exactly a barrel of fun.

On a plus note, the dude at the store (whose name I think is Rob) was super nice and helpful.  Thanks Rob!