So we miiiiight have watched all the Lord of the Rings extended editions recently… also mayyyyyybe we watched Lady and the Tramp.

It’s entirely possible that those two things happened in the last few weeks.

A note of the LotR extended editions… editors are important.  I mean this in the nicest way possible: the LotR extended editions are significantly worse than the theatrical versions to the point where I’d almost label them as bad movies.  This is a credit to the original version which was the product of a collaborative creative effort, and a discredit to the extended edition which was basically a way to squeeze some extra money out of an already well crafted set of films.

Like the director’s cut of Amadeus (which in my opinion is absolutely terrible and loses focus on the story), less can be more.

On a totally random Amadeus/Lady and the Tramp note, after we watched the original Lady and the Tramp we skimmed through the live action version.  F. Murray Abraham (Salieri in Amadeus) was playing the Italian chef singing the song while the dogs were eating spaghetti…