There have been a lot of grapes in my life recently, both at home and at work. Grapes are a funny fruit, the first one you eat is an orchestra of amazing sweet-n-sourness goodness, but immediately afterward the thrill is gone. Still good, yes, but nothing compares to that first bite.

It’s like snacking on a baby’s spleen.

Or, at least that’s what I tell people.

So, my regular computer is being repaired by Apple at the moment. How did I get this strip up, you ask? Well, I dusted off my old old old laptop and painstakingly hammered this out, which is why the strip is pretty minimal. Despite that fact, however, this took forever to make, as the computer routinely chugged at every brushstroke. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to report that this took over a whopping 4 hours to put together.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

I posted this pic in Kat’s Korner the other day in an attempt to show you guys a part of the repair journey I had Friday night/Saturday morning. In case you were wondering how the whole thing went down, here goes:

I got out of work at 11:30p.m. Friday, and took the train home. Once there I packed up my computer, strapped it to a little hand-truck, and headed back to the subway, but not before having a refreshing two gulps of barbecue sauce for sustenance (I’m sure my mother will love reading that).

The Apple store was having construction done, so the main entrance with the elevator was closed, granting me the wonderful opportunity to carry the heavy-ass desktop down two flights of stairs. I opened the door, walked into the store and…

It was just as packed with people as it was when I was there earlier that day. Keep in mind at this point that it was 1:30a.m. I asked one of the sales guys about the congestion and he said that the store was only dead between the hours of 4-6. Hole-eee-shit.

Anyways, I sat with my big broken computer (which performed admirably as a head rest) and waited about 15 minutes for my name to be called. I was quickly set up with an Apple “Genius” named Daniel, who was a super awesome guy. We poked and prodded the computer until it crashed like normal, and he decided that there were a lot of potential problems that could be causing the problem (even the dead ethernet card from a year ago).

Basically, just about everything in there needed to be replaced.

Much paperwork was written up, and Daniel and I shot the breeze in the meantime. If you are ever around the 59th street Apple store at 2-4a.m. say hi to Daniel for me, he rocks.

I left the store around 4:30 am, waited a small eternity for the train, and got to bed around 5:30 ish… just in time to wake up in a few hours to go to work again.

It’s been a wild few days.

Finally, take a gander at this video, by the by. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, I’m sure you’ll dig this lampooning of sports fandom, I sure did.