Richard mentioned to me last week that he started a new Final Fantasy 7 game, and kind of put me in a FF7 mood. Maybe I’ll have some time to start a new save myself… or maybe I’ll have just enough time to work, sleep, and eat. Anyways, Cait Sith always bugged me. Since it’s just a doll controlled remotely by Reeve, there’s no real sense of danger for him. Sure, Shinra might catch wind of what he’s up to, but it’s not as if he’s actually going toe to toe with mutated scientists, or fighting dragons under the ocean.He’s just a guy in an office, shouldn’t have had the main character distinction.

Hey guys… GUESS WHAT? I’ve got my computer back and all repaired and stuff! I went Saturday night/Sunday morning to get it, and after waiting in line for… ever I guess, it was back in my possession. Sure, it takes longer for it to boot up, and upon doing so goes to a black screen detailing the boot sequence like a computer from the 90’s, but it works! PLUS… I’ve got those extra drives in the computer, giving me 4TB of storage space!

I’m not really sure what the hell to do with all of that storage, but here’s one idea: remember when I said I’d be posting fan art in Kat’s Korner on Sundays? Well, that is (and will always be) open! So if you happen to have some fancy art to show off, and want to show it off here, send it to [email protected] and look out for it that Sunday!

Speaking of Kat’s Korner, now that my computer is back, expect regular updates there. (any day that isn’t a comic day will have a Kat’s Korner post)

With all that out of the way, something insanely improbable happened on the way back from the Apple store. I got off the train and waited for everyone to pass me by before carrying the computer down the stairs. While waiting, I noticed a familiar face.

It was one of my suitemates from my freshman year of college. We talked briefly and he mentioned that he was currently living with one of my other freshman roomies, Steve.

Now, this Steve fellow, he’s one of (the many) people on the list I fondly refer to as “artists who are better than Alex.” Also, he’s a kick-ass animator. He started a tumblr recently, which is NSFW, so be careful before you check it out, and you can view his animation on his youtube channel.

Oh, and happy fourth of July! Don’t blow off any limbs with explosives!