Finally got around to playing some TF2 recently… that is, after I downloaded like, three months worth of updates. Anyways, I was running around, shooting stuff, capping points, etc, when I came across a Soldier totin’ this baby. Look at that friggin thing. Something out of a big budget sci-fi movie, that is. Seems like a bit of overkill to me. Rocket-launchers are fun and gruesome. Ray guns are an invitation for people to argue whether or not the weapon would cause bleeding, or cauterize the wound.

It’s been a while since I had a customer say something that made my head explode. Either they’ve been getting smarter recently, or my overexposure to stupidity has instilled in me an immunity to the nonsense. That said, what a customer said recently really made my brain do a double take.

The guy had an old stereo unit that had a bunch of audio inputs, and was wondering if he could run a video signal through the device. I asked him if there were any video inputs (composite, s-video, coax, etc.) and he said no. I responded that he therefore couldn’t run video through it.

He said, “Yeah, but I can do radio, so you must be wrong.”

I… stopped dead in my tracks. Radio is audio, not video. Why would the ability to play radio serve as evidence that it could play video? I asked if he wanted to play only the audio from a video device through the stereo. He said no, he wanted the stereo to show video, and repeated that he should be able to do it cause it can play radio.

“But… but radio is audio,” I explained.

“I don’t see your point,” he said.

“Audio is not video.”


I… don’t know how someone… what was he… $#@!