I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun drawing something as I did while making the messed up King Dedede. He used to look so healthy…such a sad story, it is.

Anyways, if you’ve never seen Requiem for a Dream, check it out. It’s an awesome, albeit really depressing, movie.

Now, on to customer stories. I had a customer last night that grabbed me and started to talk about TVs. Now, before I get into what happened from there, lemme preface this with the fact that this was a hood looking guy wearing a skullcap.

A few minutes into the conversation, however, he randomly started talking about Larry Niven and Ringworld, and asked me if I read it. I said I did (which was true, by the by).


He then launched into a thirty minute discussion about every piece of literature Niven had ever written.

Again, hood guy with skullcap.

I attempted to get away from the guy multiple times, but every step back I took, he took one closer. I then tried to say that I needed to get back to the sales floor, to which he responded by talking about TVs again, only to quickly segue back into Sci-Fi stuff, this time, Battlestar Galactica.

Then The Outer Rim.

Then Star Wars.

Then Star Trek.

Then The Matrix…

This guy (with a skullcap)… could not stop talking, and talked so quickly that I could never get a word in and end the conversation. Finally, I was saved by a customer who asked about blu-ray players… roughly forty-five minutes later.

My shift ended ten minutes later. On my way out the door a coworker who had passed me multiple times during that interaction asked me if the guy was harassing me. I said no, he just likes to hear himself talk.

I left, went into the subway station, and missed my train literally by seconds…

Even after that guy left, merely talking about him wasted even more of my time…

Damn it, that guy. Just… damn it.