There’s a new Humble Indie Bundle available, and when I saw that VVVVVV was one of the packaged games, I knew I had to get it. All I’ve been hearing recently was that VVVVVV is totally awesome, and supremely difficult, no part more so than the “Doing things the hard way/Veni Vidi Vici” section.

Once I finally arrived at that part of the game, holy shit it’s hard. Here, watch 15 minutes of some guy totally getting his ass kicked by this section.

After about an hour of failing over and over again, I made it through all the screens, but in my nervousness, went to far to the left at the end, and landed on the same side of the starting platform, meaning that my Herculean effort was all for nothing.

I eventually went on to complete the section, but in that moment my heart sank into my stomach, and suddenly I felt like a kid playing old Sonic games again, where fucking up was par for the course, but fun nonetheless.

In a bit of site news, website has been working just on and off today, and when I called about it, I was told that my hosting company was having server issues… fantastic. Hopefully this wont be an issue moving forward, but I’m just putting out a warning that things might not be working for a day or two.