I feel like I haven’t had an inappropriate joke in a while.

Something that I don’t think I’ll ever understand about customers is why they challenge the information I tell them about TVs. I had a guy this week who proclaimed he was taking “an advanced physics course” and began listing the reasons why 3D televisions didn’t require expensive glasses.

I explained that there were multiple types of 3D TVs: some that did require those wacky specs to make the three dimensional picture, some that required cheap theater glasses, and some that required no glasses at all.

“My professor said that’s just something that salesmen are taught,” he said.

What I would have liked to say was, “Well, your professor is $*@&ing wrong, isn’t he?” Instead, I bit my tounge.

Presumably, a customer asks me questions about TVs in order to learn about the new tech. Why then, when I give an honest answer (and I always do), customers tell me that I’m wrong, or even worse, that I’m lying?

I’m not saying that every guy you meet in a store is honest or knowledgeable, however, give people the benefit of the doubt before you lay your “advanced physics course” infoz on me.