Kids these days man, they’re spoiled. Back in my day, a kid only got a game or two on his birthday, or on Christmas, and he’d play those games over and over again until the next major holiday. Now-a-days these young whippersnappers get new games constantly, and these are of the shooty-uppity, car-stealie variety.

Anything else is a “kid’s game.”

Poppycock, says I.

On a somewhat related note to this comic, I just returned from my old summer camp this week. I spent a handful of days up there helping with some end of summer breakdown business, and got to see a bunch of campers while I was there.

Every time I walked into a cabin, the kids suddenly remembered who I was and ran up to me, providing tons of hugs, stories about this past summer, and showing the projects they made in arts & crafts.

It was really adorable.

I’d get into that a little more, but right now it’s super early o’ clock and I have to get to work… so… until next time!