So I finally picked up a copy of New Vegas as a birthday present of sorts for myself. I haven’t really had a chance to play it yet, what with work and life consuming so much of my time that I’ve taken to having naps during the day to make sure I’m getting adequate sleep, but for the hour or so I was able to plug into the game, the first thing that jumped out at me was the effects of booze on your character.

Depending on what you drink, you get modifiers like +1 STR or CHA or whatever, but pretty much across the board, you’d also lose a point of INT, which I figure to be pretty significant because the PC’s starting INT points can be counted on one hand.

One drink makes you dumb as a doornail. Two qualifies you as having clinically incurable mental problems.

A drink every now and then isn’t that detrimental.

Bullets to the face, on the other hand.

Finally, it’s super early o’clock again. I really need to get into a better schedule, my sleep patterns are driving me up a wall.