One of the strange things that happens to me at work every day is that people ask me if I work there. Now, I wear a name tag, which I feel should be a dead giveaway. I also carry a folder emblazoned with the store’s name on it, which is also a dead giveaway. Additionally, I carry around pamphlets and fliers about weekly promotional deals.

Finally, I’m wearing dress shoes, black pants, a button down shirt, and a tie. I know of no one who wears those things for comfort.

Sometimes, however, I understand the confusion. If someone saw me from behind, or if… well, I guess that’s the only time it might be hard to tell.

On the flip side, here is a list of activities I was preforming when customers actually asked me if I was an employee:

Walking out of the warehouse with a TV on a handtruck; ringing up a different customer at a register; climbing a ladder to reach some high up products; placing pricing labels on previously used items; stacking speaker sets for a display; and many more.

I understand that some people think it’s rude to assume, but when I’m riding a fucking motorized forklift, it is in fact ok to make that assumption.